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Ae Ajnabi - Dilse

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Ae Ajnabi - Dilse Lyrics

E Ajnabi Tu Bhi Kabhii Awaaz De Kahiin Se
Hey Stranger, You're Calling Out From Somewhere Too
Main Yahaan Tukdo Men Jii Raha Huun
I'm Living Here In Pieces
Tuu Kahiin Tukdon Men Jii Rahii Hai
Somewhere You're Living In Pieces, Too
Roz Roz Resham Sii Hava Aate-jaate Kahatii Hai Bata
Each Day, As It Comes And Goes, The Silken Wind Says, "tell Me!"
Resham Si Hava Kahatii Hai Bata
The Silken Wind Says, "tell Me!"
Vo Jo Duudh Dhulii Maasuum Kalii
The One Who Is Like A Pale, Innocent Flowerbud
Vo Hai Kahaan Kahaan Hai
That Girl, Where, Where Is She?
Vo Roshanii Kahaan Hai
Where Is Her Light?
Vo Jaan Si Kahaan Hai
Main Adhura Tuu Adhuri Jii Rahii Hai
Paakhi Paakhi Pardesi
Distant Bird
Tuu To Nahiin Hai Lekin Terii Muskaraahat Hai
You're Not Here, But Your Smile Is
Chehara Kahiin Nahiin Hai Par Terii Aahaten Hai
Your Face Is Nowhere To Be Found, But The Sound Of Your Footsteps Are
Tuu Hai Kahaan Kahaan Hai
Where Are You, Where?
Tera Nishaan Kahaan Hai
Where Is There A Sign Of You,
Mera Jahaan Kahaan Hai
Where Is My World?
Main Adhura Tu Adhuri Jii Rahii Hai
I'm Incomplete, And You're Only Half-alive

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